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If you're a cruise fanatic you've probably been following Virgin Voyages and the release of their itineraries (last month). We've been tracking their progress and were excited to finally book for fall 2020; we chose the Mayan Sol itinerary. The ship departs from Miami and sails to Costa Maya and Virgin's private beach club in Bimini, Bahamas.

Wondering what sets Virgin Voyages apart from other cruise lines? First, there are no kids allowed. Surely that's music to many parents' ears. (Go ahead and solidify a babysitter now!) Second, wifi is included in the cost of the cabin and there is the option to upgrade to a premium plan. Although vacation is generally a time to disconnect from the real world and social media, how can you resist posting the perfect travel pics in real time? Third, tips are also included in the cost of the cabin. Unlike other cruise lines, there is no option to "add gratuities" when making your booking, and there is no expectation to tip during the cruise. Building a tip amount into the cost of the cabin takes the stress out of deciding when to tip (in advance or onboard) and how much (minimum or something more). Fourth, and probably most important...Virgin Voyages just seems so damn cool! The itineraries, ship renderings, inclusions, and adults only restriction all make for an appealing option.

Have you considered Virgin Voyages for your next cruise?

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